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We started to develop the EPDS system in 2007, built primarily for our own use and based on explosion-proof technology. We soon found out, however, that there is market demand for such a system, so the development of an accessible and user-friendly version began for our partners. In 2018 we managed to achieve one of our objectives, which we offer to our existing and prospective partners in Version 4.0 of the EPDS. We can provide our Customers a flexible, efficient and user-friendly system and related support activities through custom equipment identification accessible with freely adaptable criteria and a mobile application.

Under ATEX 137 (Decree No 3/2003 of 11 March 2003 of the Minister for Employment Policy and Labour and the Minister for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs), potentially explosive plants and plant units are obliged to prepare, keep up-to-date and properly teach explosion protection documentation. In addition, they are also obliged to implement the lifetime tracking of installed electric and non-electric explosion-proof equipment and to make it accessible with respect to both the documentation and the installed equipment with the same information content.

The EPDS assists and supports the User in performing its daily routine activities (e.g. maintenance, inspections of compliance with the standards) or, also in the case of specific activities, to achieve compliance with the explosion-proof technical regulations and to make the relevant information available over the long term.

The EPDS is the only solution that is based on the subject of explosion protection documentation and focuses on compliance with it. The EPDS implements the provisions of the relevant ATEX Directives (product and plant) on its own, and allows a full range of operator compliance in daily operations, customised to the needs of the Customer.

ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (Decree No 35/2016 of 27 September 2016 of the Minister for National Economy) prescribes that electric and non-electric equipment certified in accordance with the ATEX Directive have to be used.

ATEX 137 (Decree No 3/2003 of 11 March 2003 of the Minister for Employment Policy and Labour and the Minister for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) prescribes that the conditions for safe operation have to be set out in ‘explosion protection documentation’, which has to be prepared before first commissioning and has to be kept up-to-date continually. The person responsible for plant management is responsible for this. Due to the high degree of flexibility and adjustability of the system, even the entire Health Protection, Safety Technology and Environmental Protection documentation and lifetime tracking can be implemented in a single tool, and it is also suitable for meeting their conditions in order to support full compliance.

Árpád Veress

Owner / CEO

Szabados Péter

Product Owner

Fanni Dalnoki

Marketing Manager

Attila Kácsor

Sales / Account / Business Development

The specialists of the EPDS help devise the operations that conform to the Company’s regulatory environment with the highest level of expertise.

Veress Árpád: Owner / CEO

He is the founder and owner the ExWorks Group. Veproil Ltd and EPDS Ltd are the member of this group. They have worked on the field of explosion protection since 2003. He hold numerous technical trainings at partners, colleges, technical universities (Technical University of Budapest) in hungarian and foreign languages (english, german) too. Budapest) in hungarian and foreign languages (english, german) too. Founder and lecturer of the Ex Forum conference series (2005-) which subjects are: innovative and useful skills about Explosion Protection for industry professionals. He has worked in many project as head engineer in several projects connected to realization of pharmaceutical, oil and natural gas, chemical, mill, biogas, ethanol projects. Main responsibility is design, realization and validation of safety in industrial and hazardous areas.

Szabados Péter: Product Owner

He is graduated as a multimedia-developer in 2007 in Budapest. During his last exams he has joined the Hungarian military forces where he used Python to code cryptography for military intelligence for 7 years. He got promoted to IT section leader, since then he organize and lead as a project manager. In the EPDS he is responsible for the IT field in every project.

Kácsor Attila: Sales / Account / Business Developer

He has worked in various field of different sector, for example: banking (as account manager)-, agricultural (as sales manager)-, online marketing and media (as Projekt manager)-, market research- and IT (sales and business development manager)sector. In the past one and a half year, he work as business development and account manager in the EPDS Ltd. He completed 3 huge projects and prepare anothers ones in industrial sector. He has helped the programmer in the understanding of the industrial challanges and needs.

Dalnoki Fanni: Marketing Manager

She has working as copywriter and online marketing manager for three years. Before that I was tender specialist assistant at MultiContact Consulting Kft. After that she was working for a year as  personal assistant of the Distribution and Logistic Director of Sanofi Zrt. After these jobs she joined to the EPDS Ltd, where she is responsible for every marketing campaign as well in the ExWorks group.

Bentekovics Attila: Backend Developer

He is the backend programmer in EPDS Ltd. He is responsible for the ExWorks group members websites backends. He has designed and manged  the EPDS 3.0 softwares databases.

Stratégiai partnerünk: NUAGE GROUPE

A Nuage Groupe több évtizedes tapasztalattal rendelkezik az informatika területén. A legkorszerűbb technológiákat alkalmazva fejleszt felhasználóbarát, egyedi szoftvereket és nyújt szolgáltatásokat ügyfelei részére. A nagyvállalati környezetben szerzett tapasztalat mellett több sikeres startup projekt megvalósításával vesz részt innovatív termékfejlesztés komplett megvalósításában – a kezdetektől akár a termék piacra viteléig. Legyen szó pénzügyi, ipar 4.0, kereskedelmi és szolgáltatási megoldásokról, termelékenység növelésről, kiterjesztett és virtuális valóságról, vagy mesterséges intelligenciára épülő, döntéstámogató adatelemzésről, a Nuage Groupe a tanácsadástól és projekt konzultációtól kezdve az elemzések és architektura tervezésen keresztül a termékfejlesztésig és tesztelésig bezárólag teljes körű szolgáltatást képes nyújtani ügyfelei számára.

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